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African inspired creations by a man from Manchester

Leon Jackson

Creative Director


As the creator, owner and occasional model of forthecultureUK, I pride myself on supplying quality products as well as providing a quality service to my customers. Each piece has been handcrafted in the city of Manchester with care, attention to detail and current trends in mind. Wether it be a subtle design you're after, or a bold and daring statement piece, ForthecultureUK can bring your vision to life.

Art and Product Design have long been a passion since childhood but were sadly swept up and forgotten, due to the pressures of everyday life in a capitalist society. Since the start of my spiritual growth I've dedicated a significant amount of time to learning the truth and researching the nobility of my own heritage, which in turn led me to my current occupation. My aim with this business is to provide others like me with a means to express their knowledge of self, through African inspired jewellery. 

I do hope that you find something to your taste but  if you don't, please feel free to give us a shout as I do custom orders too.


Thanks for visiting my site.

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